Here at Psych we have ensured that Style and Quality will be the main words associated with our brand
How have we done this?  By taking the time to ask around to see what you the customer actually wants and by sourcing only quality materials with which to make our products.

We produce garments with simple lines with style and elegance; we have a range of shirts some for a more casual look which stand out when teamed with a casual bottoms and some for a more stylish elegant look which shine when teamed with a jacket or sports coat.

Knowing that feeling good is an all over experience we have also developed a unique range of men’s boxer shorts designed for comfort style and keeping the crease free look from beneath your trousers.

We are confident that once you experience our products you will agree that Style and Quality have become affordable again.


“Understated to make you standout”




Psych’s Meaning:
To “Psych” yourself up, to give yourself a boost, to Strengthen.



As a man living in London I find it harder to pick up those little creative items of clothing, something a little different from the norm.  So this is my way of contributing to the fashion industry, adding my take on everyday items.  With the hopes of branching out into other areas of the fashion industry at a later date.  The vision for Psych is to keep simplicity at the forefront of it’s designs while keeping an eye on the classic garments of yesteryear that we all know and love.  Keeping the classic lines and injecting some subtle innovation while still keeping it simple.

Goatee is our mascot, our spectacle wearing Goatee logo.  He stands for our on going creative outlook, constantly searching for innovation & style in all areas of life.  On seeing the Goatee logo you should be left with the assurance of high quality British products which has had love & attention to detail applied throughout each and every design.


“Effortless Style !”


While supplies last



Manufactured in the UK.

still made in Britain